[Wine] Forum Software Update and mailing list gateway

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Mon Sep 5 12:10:09 CDT 2011

On Mon, 2011-09-05 at 11:03 -0500, dimesio wrote:

> IMO, there are enough experienced users on the mailing list to sustain
> it, if they want to, but the "if they want to" is key. I find it very
> striking that while several mailing list users have stated
> emphatically that they will not switch to the forum, absolutely no one
> has said they want the mailing list to continue.
I intend to stay on the mailing list.

If it vanishes I'm likely to provide less advice and help to others for
one simple reason: I look at all messages that arrive on the mailing
list and, if I see a thread about something that I understand and can
help with, I'll respond. However, because scanning down a list of forum
topics and then paging along a thread to see what, if anything, is new
on it is much slower than clicking through mail messages, if I have to
browse threads on a forum its much less likely that I'll take notice of
those started by others or visit the forum unless I *know* there's
something being discussed that I'm interested in.

I would add, that, if the mailing list is replaced by an RSS feed I'd
probably subscribe to that because it too provides a direct access to
active posts.

One thing to consider, though, before going down the RSS route: what
software is being considered to provide an RSS feed? How easy would it
be to implement spam filtering for it? Bear in mind that we know how to
automate spam filtering on mailing lists.


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