[Wine] Re: A strange behaviour of The Bat under Wine - Xorg exhaustion

C3PO wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Sep 5 16:08:10 CDT 2011

It looks like there is a resource leak with wine 1.3.27 and The Bat animated task bar icon. 

The Bat is a sophisticated mail agent which places an animated icon on the task bar whenever a new mail is received. This is a default option. 

Running The Bat 4.x, 5.x with Wine 1.3.27 results in Xorg server starting to consume CPU progressively with application running time. Eventually xorg CPU usage would go to 100% and after a few hours it would dead lock KDE GUI. 

The temporary workaround - disable task bar icon animation. That will bring xorg cpu usage back to normal and stabilize The Bat. 

May be other applications with animated task bar icons are affected - if your app has animated task icon and runs constantly (like a mail agent) check out xorg CPU usage if it goes high - try to disable animation.

There is all so a possibility that this is a KDE bug, not WINE. KDE might handle animated task icons poorly. 

Could someone check out Xorg with a native linux application on KDE 4.6? The application must use an animated task bar feature. Pay attention on x server. If while application is running the CPU usage  goes high - then it's a KDE bug.

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