[Wine] help with warcraft please launcher problem

tparker tparker at etherstorm.net
Tue Sep 6 07:16:41 CDT 2011

On 09/05/2011 10:36 PM, Nick687 wrote:
> that didnt work. i used wine tricks to download the trial version of wow and it didnt put it in a normal spot ,the path was
>   file system\proc\1552\fd\3\drive_c\program files\world of warcraft\wow.exe
> so i loaded it up with graphic settings on low and it works fine....frame rate is good...no problems with graphical glitches....everything except for the water.....no idea how to fix this...wow 3.3 with wine 1.3.15 got a platinum rating

It is not uncommon for the WoW launcher to stop working off and on, it 
has happened several times. Right now the process seems to be to start 
the launcher and let it check for and apply any patches, then close the 
launcher and through either command line or graphical interface (system 
monitor or something similar) terminate the launcher and wine server 
that still show as running. Then navigate by either command line or 
through your graphical file system to the WoW folder and click on 
wow.exe to run the game. You may be able to make a second shortcut from 
your desktop for the wow.exe so you don't have to navigate to it each 
time, but I have read WoW forum posts saying that doesn't work in all 
distros right now.  I have been doing this for wine 1.3.23 - 1.3.27 if 
it helps to know the wine versions.

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