[Wine] Re: Wine 1.3.26 no output from linux console to windows console

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Sep 6 08:11:18 CDT 2011

C3PO  Little issue the native ones handle acl perfectly fine if you have it enabled.  Going ssh normally you run into hell on acl enabled filesystems. 

Detail mode ctrl+2 can be made display file permissions.

alt+v alt+a then set what you want displayed in detailed.

All kde based filemangers for particular connections supports URL.  Like a lot of other Linux file managers if it something it URL supports you don't need to mount it.   Yes smb shares can be url accessed from Dolphin without having to mount them and the like.  

Like fish://user@host/path  is a valid url/path in dolphin to open up a ssh link to host and open path on that link.   smb:// can take you to a windows server.  ftp://takes you to a ftp server.  No manual mounting required just provide a url that can be stored in places and dolphin does everything else.  Basically kde based file managers its type url and go for foreign hosts.

You seam to have a bad ideas of what Linux filemanagers are limited from doing.

Yes there is a reason why F6 will bring up the editable location bar in dolphin and allow you to type a path in.

Open in a new window is possible to do without mouse.  Same with all other options inside Dolphin. cntrl-N for new window.  Mind you I more use cntrl-T for new tab.

Using the Linux file managers are different to far.  We have so many due to the different styles of people.   Please remember Dolphin is a pretty basic by Linux standards.   This is the issue a basic Linux filemanager does far more than the crap MS serves up by default.

"I want to open file and automatically see text in the encoding it's in, and edit it in this encoding and see highlight syntax. How? Again I got to do something special to make it work. "  Again this is not understanding linux.

kate and kwrite the kde editors supports detect text encoding documents it also highlight syntax.  That feature is inside Kdevelop.

In fact Kdevelop also supports direct url paths.  Really once you start using KDE stuff to what they are designed todo by default like like .

Krusader is one of the more advanced KDE file-managers.  Yes fish:// and smb:// and ftp:// and many other as standard for all KDE applications.  So yes can open up kwrite and directly open, edit and save a file on a ftp or smb or fish(ssh) and many other protocols.   Its even possible to save as from them to many different protocals.

This is where things go badly wrong with Far.  Far presumes the Linux applications are stupid because most Windows programs are stupid.  What in fact most Linux programs are network aware.  Most are able to operate network transparent.

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