[Wine] Re: Another TAPI issue (Microkey Millennium)

jorl17 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Sep 6 12:28:17 CDT 2011

tomatogoatee wrote:
> Thank you, Jori. I'll let you know in another half hour if it compiles successfully. :p
> I really need to learn more about programming so I can help myself more than rely on you guys. But don't get me wrong, I truly appreciate all of your help!

Two things.

First, it's Jorl, with an 'L' :P It's been a while since people last failed to get my silly nickname!

Second, since you're learning, might I add that I was wrong when I said "it may be the case that the LPPHONEMESSAGE structure isn't defined!". I should've said that it may be the case that the LPPHONEMESSAGE type isn't defined. The type itself is a pointer to a PHONEMESSAGE structure.

Just to clear things up, since you're not into programming and I wouldn't like to be giving you false terms.

Also. Are you compiling for the specific number of cores you have with the -j option? It really helps speeding up things. For instance, in this PC, I found that -j32 is the best option speed-wise.

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