[Wine] Re: Another TAPI issue (Microkey Millennium)

tomatogoatee wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Sep 6 15:14:27 CDT 2011

O.K... Using what I've "learned" so far, I've added the following to the patch.diff from the MSDN site:

+ *              lineGetMessage (TAPI32.@)
+ */
+DWORD WINAPI lineGetMessage(HLINEAPP hLineApp, LPLINEMESSAGE lpMessage, DWORD dwTimeout)
+    FIXME("(%p, %p, %08x): stub.\n", hLineApp, lpMessage, dwTimeout);
+    return 0;

for line.c,

+@ stdcall lineGetMessage(long ptr long)

for tapi32.spec and

+typedef struct linemessage_tag {
+  DWORD     hDevice;
+  DWORD     dwMessageID;
+  DWORD_PTR dwCallbackInstance;
+  DWORD_PTR dwParam1;
+  DWORD_PTR dwParam2;
+  DWORD_PTR dwParam3;

for tapi.h. (I based this on the information I gleamed from the phoneGetMessage additions.) Does this look good? (I'm attempting to compile now, so it'll be busy for a bit...)

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