[Wine] Re: gcc1: out of memory error when installing wine

sandy123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Sep 7 20:26:09 CDT 2011

I am trying to use wine to be able to run a winamp player.  I had used an even older version of wine several years ago to run a shoutcast server, in winamp.  It worked great.  Now I am trying to use winamp as a player, but need to use a newer version of winamp than the one that I had used earlier as we need to use a certain plugin that won't install in the older version of winamp that we used before.  See my problems, it is sort of like a multiple piece puzzle getting it to fit all together. We have the server and player running full time, and have to count on it running steadily, so windows with all the viruses it frequently collects even with a virus protector, and the hang up problems from continual running isn't an option.  We have one machine that has run continually without stopping for 3 years.  Hats off to linux.  I tried updating to a newer version of suse, but after 9.2 from what I understand, it goes to the one CD version instead of the 5 Cd version. Hence you are stuck loading lots of programs, and dealing with all the dependencies.  I tried this and it was nearly impossible.  I was trying to find a version of wine that would run on suse 9.2 that would let me run winamp version 5.0 or better.  When I searched the internet, I came up with the combination of programs that I used.  Can you give me some help on a better way to do this? Any help and advise is greatly appreciated.  I have been stuck on this situation for months.

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