[Wine] Re: WoW in Wine - PC freezes randomly

kainisma wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Sep 8 16:18:35 CDT 2011

klaine8 wrote:
> Hi,
> On Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 10:53 PM, kainisma <wineforum-user at winehq.org> wrote:
> > Hi there
> > im new at the whole thing of linux, and newer in Wine.
> > I mostly use Wine to run World of Warcraft  in Ubuntu 11.04
> > i finally got the game to run correctly, and with no sound/video problems.
> > The only problem i'm having is that, sometimes,  when im inside World of wrcraft,  sometimes the pc freezes... not only the wine, or the game,  but the whole computer. I cant do anything but  shut down or restar the computer (manually ) then i  turn on the computer and keep on playin or whatever... and maybe if im again on the game,  maybe it frezes again...
> > so...  dunno... i was hoping if someone could help me.  I've searched all over the internet and found nothing about this.  Some ppl have a similar problem, that the game crashes or wine freezes...  but it's not my case...  the whole computer is freezing in my case...
> > 
> > anyway, thank you very much
> > 
> > 
> I am learning Wine myself. But for the hanging.
> I am pretty sure Wine or the program running inside it does not hang
> the computer - meaning kernel panic. The X (user interface) might
> hang, which is as bad as computer hanging.
> You could try CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE to get out. Then there is SysRq key
> combinations which would allow you to cleanly reboot. Sorry don't
> remember these - I have not had stability problems for years.
> Also a good way is to use ssh if you have two machines. Write down the
> IP address of the machine before running Wine. When it hangs write ssh
> <IP address> and it opens a shell to the hang machine. Then you can
> reboot it cleanly. If your other machine is Windows google for putty.
> It is a free ssh client for Windows.
> It just occurred to me that if you use closed source binary drivers
> from Nvidia or ATI (AMD) then those drivers could hang the whole
> machine causing kernel panic. And you are probably using them...
> I would also check memory of the machine. There is a free good test
> program - was it memcheck+ or something.
> I would also check for the hard disk with manufacturers diagnostic program.
> If you know how to compile kernel, that's a good test. With option -j4
> for example.
> Sorry if this does not help.
> Best Regards
> Kari
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About that thing of  ctrl-alt-backspace...  i tried it.  But really, the whole pc seems to freeze. i mean,  i can't even turn on the "num lock" button in the keyboard... so i guess it just freezes the whole computer. I tried doing  CTRL-C for wine ,  alt-tabbing,  ctrl-alt-backspace and all those things but nothing happenned.  As i said to bcpeterson recently, the computer is new, so i really doubt it's memory problem, or the hard disk or any hardware thing. 

About the video card driver...  i really dont know what  "closed source binary drivers" are...  i think the driver i have is that one i showed to bcpeterson. 

However, i remember downloading something like  fglrx or something like that, ...  because when i was searching how to run WoW in wine, i read something about fglrx drivers, and i understood that those are like the "open source" drivers for ati ...  (but i dont know, maybe im just really noob and missunderstood everything) 

about the  "ssh"  i could try it.. i have another computer, running same ubuntu but 32bit (i use 64bit)... so maybe i try it when it happens again :P

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