[Wine] Re: gcc1: out of memory error when installing wine

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Sep 9 12:04:13 CDT 2011

sandy123 wrote:
> What version of wine do you recommend that would run winamp and what version of linux do you recommend to go with wine?  Am I missing something as to getting wine to install in the new version of suse without having a bunch of dependencies to deal with?  I really would like to use suse as I am familiar with it but think I could pick up on another version even though I dread learning another as I have .  Thank you for your help.  You have no idea how I appreciate it.

As I've already said, I recommend the latest version of both your OS and Wine, if only to be able to get support. As for dependencies, yes, Wine has a lot of them, and you have to install them. I really don't understand why that it is a problem. I've used openSUSE since 10.3 (have 11.4 now), and Yast has always just downloaded and installed whatever was needed.

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