[Wine] Re: wine path error?

LPMusicLJ wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Sep 9 23:54:30 CDT 2011

> my normal usage is:
> wine "c:\programme\rockstar games\gta san andreas\gta_sa.exe" 

I think you can drop the quotation marks ("), and you use escape characters for the spaces.  So it would look something like

wine drive_c/programme/rockstar\ games/gta\ san\ andreas/gta_sa.exe

backspace is not really used in Linux, but here it is used to make the system understand that your next character is special. In this case it is a space. ("\ ").  Otherwise, the system would think that you want to provide an argument after the space.  

Also note that all your backslashes were converted to normal forward slashes.  Backslashes only went before the spaces.  No quotes are required around the entire string.

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