[Wine] Script to change Afinity of MassEffect.exe

MacNean Tyrrell dardack at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 18:26:04 CDT 2011

So I have the stupid Affinity bug with ME2, basically on loads I need 1 cpu,
I can switch it to 2 for gameplay, but it needs to be 1 when loading,
otherwise the game crashes, known bug in windows also, but in windows
switching from 2 to 1 to 2, fixes it you don't have to keep doing it, in
wine you do.

So it's a pain to tab out, go to taskmgr , change it, tab back in, tab back
out change it, esp if I die on Insane run through i'm currently doing.

So I would like to create a script I can tie to 1 of the XF86 buttons, that
if it's 1, it changes it to 2, and vice versa.


MacNean C. Tyrrell
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