[Wine] Short Hair Styles For Evening

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Tue Sep 13 05:10:56 CDT 2011

Short Hair Styles For Evening
Those with short hair needed feel left out though, as there are some fabulous short hair styles for evening as well. Once to try is a head full of smooth spiral curls that are pinned up slightly for extra volume. You’ll need hair that is approximately 4 inches in length to make this evening short hair style work. 
Once all your hair is curled create this glamorous short hair style by randomly pinning up small sections of your curled hair. Pin up the back and sides and anywhere on the top that needs an extra boost to make the style look great. Leave tendrils hanging down on your forehead and don’t get too severe with the pinning on the sides and this style will have a soft yet sexy appearance.
After you have blow dry your hair with a volumizing hair product take small sections throughout the entire head and create corkscrew curls with a medium barreled curling iron. Don’t worry about getting the hair curled right to the rootsthe first inch or so should be left straight to avoid your hair looking too pouf-y. 
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