[Wine] Locally "installed" Dll's

ischou wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Sep 13 09:06:59 CDT 2011

Some small utilities that I sometimes run are often distributed as a .ZIP file containing the application and any DLL's that it depends on.

Windows has a behavior where if a DLL is located in the same directory as an application, windows preferentially chooses the DLL's in that directory over the same DLL that appears in C:\Windows\system32

Wine doesn't seem to behave this way (at least not version 1.3.28).  Is that a correct assessment?  If so, is there a rationale for why wine doesn't behave this way?  And would it be difficult to implement?  Or is there a setting to enable this type of behavior?

In my current case, I'd hate to have to install vcrun2008 in a perfectly good WINEPREFIX just to run one tiny application that came with its own dlls in its local directory.


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