[Wine] Re: getting wine to run on OpenSuse 11.4-in order to use WinSCP

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Sep 13 09:23:47 CDT 2011

Martin Gregorie wrote:
> This gets you a mini-lecture about man-in-the middle attacks, shows the target hostname and IP number and asks whether you really want to make this connection. Answer 'yes' and the public key is copied into $HOME/.ssh/known_hosts followed by the normal prompt for a password.

You talking about host key, not the user key.

lin wrote:
> well - the question is - can i import the keys (that i run on WinSCP) with ease! If So then i sure give the others a try....

Yes of course. You need to save it in an openSSH format (at least the private key) and put it in  ~/.ssh directory. Don't forget to add that file to ~/.ssh/config file as:


IdentityFile ~/.ssh/MyKey1.key
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/MyKey2.key

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