[Wine] Re: Is DOSBox replacing native DOS support in Wine?

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Sep 14 06:05:20 CDT 2011

flerchjj vm86 and 64 bit intel chips. The wikipedia is wrong.

You cannot go straight into vm86 mode from x86-64 Long Mode but you can switch to 32 bit protected then switch to vm86.  Longer chain to get there.

Correct is that the method of getting vm86 has to be rewritten.  The 64 bit design by AMD did include a path to use vm86 while the core OS was in x86-64 Long Mode.  Microsoft decided against it so this means it will not be well tested as a functional path.

So safer for it to disappear.  Also DOSBox most likely will be lighter on context switching.

As you can see v86-64 patch basically does it.  Not that i would recommend using it there is a performance interference due to the steps.

Basically vm86 with kernel in x86-64 Long mode is possible just not advisable because of side effects to performance.

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