[Wine] A Greek woman spinning bandage dress

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A Greek woman spinning,herve leger dresses (http://www.herveleger-au.org)
Greek women wore one large piece of wool or linen,buy herve leger (http://www.herveleger-au.org/shop-by-herve-leger-1.html), wrapped around them and pinned in various ways to make it stay. The ways of pinning it changed over time.
One way was to fold the cloth in half,herve leger 2011 (http://www.herveleger-au.org/herve-leger-2011-1_15.html), and put it so that the fold in the cloth came under your right armpit and down your right side. Then pull up on the front and the back of the cloth so they meet over your right shoulder and pin the front and the back together with a big safety pin. Then pull more of the front up over your left shoulder,herve leger sale (http://www.herveleger-au.org), and pin it to the back in the same way. Finally you will notice that your dress is still open all along your left side: tie a belt around your dress at the waist to keep your dress closed.
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