[Wine] Re: Spelunky

Mateusz Stachowski wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Sep 15 14:45:41 CDT 2011

I've tried running this game on my machine and it works. Although I'm on 32-bit Ubuntu 11.04 and I used Wine 1.3.28 and 1.3.17. Spelunky is working on both of them. It's better on 1.3.17 because I get sound right from the start with mixing (music player in background). Running it fullscreen makes it faster.

Looking at the output of terminal I think that You have problem with sound or graphics card (but I'm in no way a specialist). That's just my guess. It would be very helpful if You posted information about your graphics card (is it NVIDIA or ATI/AMD, model and drivers version).

PulseAudio isn't the best choice to work with Wine so if you have that installed it could also make problems. It's better to use ALSA or OSSv4 (currently OSS-v4.2-build2005) with Wine.

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