[Wine] CellarTracker is not necessarily representative of the broad

damier wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Sep 16 02:33:10 CDT 2011

The one thing that the authors of the paper don't happen to devote much attention to, which I think is at least as interesting as all their other findings, is that in general, the greater wine drinking population doesn't think wines are as good as the major critics do. If I am understanding the data correctly, in all cases the community rating was below all of the critics ratings.[url]http://guesshandbagswholesale.com
This is sort of surprising, given claims by some commentators in the wine industry that most people can't tell the difference between a $18 bottle of wine and a $90 bottle of wine. As a result you would think that the scores that the broader population assigned to wines might skew towards either end of the spectrum in a kind of "yum/yuck" or "love it / hate it" volatility.http://guesshandbagswholesale.com

Of course, CellarTracker is not necessarily representative of the broader population, a point which the paper's authors seem to acknowledge, but it isn't clear just how much they want to address this bias. Of course, it is really the only broad and deep set of consumer wine evaluation data that is publicly available, so one can hardly fault them for using it.

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