[Wine] Go To Play with Taylormade R11 Driver

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Sat Sep 17 04:41:35 CDT 2011

Go To Play with Taylormade R11 Driver

The rest of us were just waiting for him to "lose it" again but Dooley kept it up all day.So on the way from the 15th green to the 16th tee I asked him about his recovery. He told me, "I have a song in my head now." I must have had a blank stare because he went on to explain that he had learned from an eBook he found online about good swing with taylormade r11 driver (http://www.golfsuper118.com/goods-16473-TaylorMade+R11+Driver.html). He said he followed that up with a few range balls where he put his swing to the tempo of a song. He began to sing, "One and Two then Three and Four" and explained that each number represented a certain point in his golf swing. One was takeaway, two was when the club reached the top of the backswing with r11 driver (http://www.golfsuper118.com/goods-16473-TaylorMade+R11+Driver.html), three was impact and four was his finish position. He said he had been singing that song to himself all day.I left that conversation with a chuckle only to watch Dooley lace another tee shot off of the 16th. So his issue at the beginning of autumn had not been so much about basics or mechanics but poor golf swing with cheap golf clubs (http://www.golfsuper118.com).

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