[Wine] Wrong exiting from MS Word + can't save MS Word document

Aleksey_R wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Sep 17 17:28:44 CDT 2011

Greetings, gentlemen.

I have a problem with MS Office 2007 running and I suppose there's a way to handle with it.

When I exit MS Office 2007 Word it gives message that MSXML 5.0 was installed wrong and it offers to save template "normal.dotx". When I cancel saving it offers me to do it one more time and after that it exits.

Also, I can't save anything in .doc format. When I try to do it the Office installation window shows and MS Office starts to do something (reinstall/repair???), This window is shown until I kill it (more than 3 hours). The CPU load is high, so the "SETUP.EXE" process is busy with something.

Please help, if it's possible.

OS: OpenSUSE 11.4 64 bit
Wine: 1.3.28 (from OpenSUSE repos)
MS Office: 2007 SP2 Enterprise
Libraries overrides: riched20, usp10.

Best regards, Aleksey.

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