[Wine] Few Questions

Neial5546 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Sep 18 20:38:51 CDT 2011

First of all, I am very mac illiterate as I have been using windows all my life.  I am enquiring to see about getting some help on the whole wine thing.  I have been looking at the wiki and FAQs but Im lost.  I installed wine from sourceforge but when I go to click wineinstall in the tools folder, this is what I get:

Last login: Sun Sep 18 21:31:41 on ttys000
/Users/christiankirby/Downloads/wine-1.3.13/tools/wineinstall ; exit;
Christian-Kirbys-MacBook-Pro:~ christiankirby$ /Users/christiankirby/Downloads/wine-1.3.13/tools/wineinstall ; exit;
Wine Installer v1.0

You're running this from the wrong directory.
Change to the Wine source's main directory and try again.

[Process completed]

If anyone can help me on how to compile or whatever else it is I may need, it would be appreciated.  Can either email me at cstjohn51 at charter.net or send me a private message, thank you.

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