[Wine] Segfault in SolidWorks with recent nvidia cards and drivers

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 21:12:59 CDT 2011

On 9/18/11 1:49 PM, denisb wrote:
> Hello,
> I upgraded my config to  and i7.2600/quadro600 setup running ubuntu natty 64bits with 3.1-rc kernel (needed for correct asus P8P67 EFI support) and 280 or 285 Nividia proprietary drivers, and I'm experiencing systematic segfaults when running solidworks 32bits ( version 2010 or 2011 ) : the part is displayed in 3D, and then the application is closed immediatly. There are no traces in console, even with x11drv debugs, except this line in kern.log
> bureau kernel: [40526.805397] sldworks.exe[10445]: segfault at cfc0000 ip 000000007e9d61cb sp 000000000033ef80 error 4 in comctl32.dll.so[7e9b1000+b8000]
> or
> bureau kernel: [22199.624096] sldworks.exe[5631]: segfault at c4e0014 ip 000000004ec5f75b sp 000000000032e964 error 4 in gdiplus.dll[4ec52000+185000]
> with native gdiplus
> The same wineprefix works perfectly on my old GF6800, and partially on really old i855 notebook. So I suspect a bug in recent nvidia drivers. Unfortunately, older ones can't be compiled with 3.x kernels.
You may need to clean out or set aside your current Wine prefix and 
install the program again in a new one.

This may be caused by a change in how the kernel works.


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