[Wine] Re: Replacing X11 backend driver with SDL

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Sep 19 22:13:03 CDT 2011

rogercruz wrote:
> 1) Would it be possible to run Wine on a non-X11 system if I replace its X11 backend driver with an SDL backend?

As-is - no, it's not possible. SDL is not X11 compatible (it's not a drop-in replacement for X11).

rogercruz wrote:
> 2) Does such a SDL driver exist or know of anyone who has worked on it but never made it into Wine?

No, and afaik no one even tried. Wine's X11 driver is far more complex than most people think.

rogercruz wrote:
> 3) Are all the X11 dependencies in Wine contained in the winex11.drv driver or are there other areas of the code where it uses X or assumes it is running on an X system?

For the most part yes. But there are number of parts in user32 (input, graphics), OpenGL, wined3d (both opengl, graphics), dinput (input, controls). There are few other places that I can't recall now.

rogercruz wrote:
> 4) Can SDL provide all the functionality Wine requires of its X driver or are there areas that can't be reproduced with SDL?

This is an open ended question. How much of Wine and how well do you want to work?

Not expert in SDL can't tell you for sure. But just rewriting window handling parts of winex11drv is a nightmare. Good luck with that.

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