[Wine] Re: Office 2007

SpawnHappyJake wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Sep 20 10:25:49 CDT 2011

You could add (say "add application") and select Office 2007 under the applications tab in winecfg and set it to "xp". Anything you do in winecfg while Office 2007 is selected under applications only is applied to Office 2007, as opposed to having "default" selected, which applies to all applications that don't have there own set of settings in winecfg (don't show up in a list under default).
You could put Office 2007 in its own prefix, and set that prefix to "xp".

Make new folder in home folder (or wherever)
Name it "msoffice" (or whatever)
Run from terminal: WINEPREFIX=$HOME/msoffice [or wherever you put it] winecfg

Let it update the prefix.
Say "xp mode" in winecfg.
Close winecfg after applying.

Run from terminal: "WINEPREFIX=$HOME/msoffice [or wherever you put it] wine [path to msoffice installer, you can just drag the installer into terminal instead of typing out the whole path]"

Now msoffice will be in it's own prefix with its own settings.

Just install native LibreOffice which is open source, doesn't cost money, and will run natively on your OS.


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