[Wine] Few Questions

ryan woodsmall rwoodsmall at mac.com
Tue Sep 20 13:52:11 CDT 2011

> You can have your own opinions on the 777 issue... 

I base my opinion on the fact that 777 permissions are dangerous even on single-user systems. Wine is not a sandbox, anything you grant 777 to is opening up a hole big enough to drive a truck in. Couple that with the fact MacPorts can be used to install things like web servers, application servers, etc., and you're asking for trouble.

I am a professional sysadmin. I've cleaned up far too many webserver hacks because people don't care enough to bother setting sane permissions and ownership on blog installs. It would be one thing to recursively chown the MacPorts /opt/local directory to your user/group to make installs easier; it's another thing entirely to give everyone and their dog permission to write to any file or directory, including binaries.

I could present hypotheticals but I won't. Wine and 777 permissions on system-level directories is not safe. This should be obvious.

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