[Wine] Re: Unable to run iTunes on wine-1.3.28

rhb wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Sep 20 18:45:35 CDT 2011

Thank you.  I don't like having a closed-source video driver in my system, and I was happy to pay the price of poor performance in some cases.  It appears that iTunes (and perhaps some compiz features?) _demands_ hardware acceleration or they won't work at all.  Itunes is now functional to the extent I have imported a specific playlist and plays the listed files.

iTunes appears to have problems; since I've never used it before I don't know how many of them might be wine issues.  It won't allow me to change from "all files (*.*)" to anything else, it opens a folder and displays its content when asked to import a folder, and it seems it won't follow a symbolic link.

My purpose in using iTunes is figuring out how to support iPod users.  If anyone has suggestions where to go for questions related to that, I would appreciate it.  Maybe there's an open-source program that works with iPod on Windows and Linux?  In any case, thank you again for solving my problem.

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