[Wine] This Specs and upcoming games?

TweFoju wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Sep 20 20:57:12 CDT 2011

I know that in uBuntu, you must use wine to play Windows game, and the wine makes the performance drop, well at least that is what i know, maybe i am wrong

and i also seen lots of people with monster PC rig using uBuntu, and many games works just fine

so here's a question to all those uBuntu gamer out there that have been successfully play a game with high settings and without a problem in performance 

do you think this Laptop ( which i am buying soon )


i7 2630QM
GTX560 2GB
7200rpm HDD ( maybe upgrading to SSD as primary )

this is ASUS G53SX

will run games on Wine with at least medium-high and play fine?

the games that i will be playing most is probably Skyrim and SWTOR and maybe Guild Wars 2 and MW3

i know these 4 is not yet out, but i take it that, if people can play Crysis2 on uBuntu with no problem like this:


then i can see no problem with other games?

thanks before!

i seen some topics, and i can see that a lot of games work, but i just want to know, what are the minimum spec for a laptop to be able to play recent games with high settings and also i wonder if DX11 games will work fine in Wine?

thanks a bunch

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