[Wine] Re: This Specs and upcoming games?

SpawnHappyJake wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Sep 20 21:39:37 CDT 2011

Was that even a question? You could play several games at once with those specs. Heck, you might even be able to do 3D gaming! With those specs, why not get a USB 7.1 sound card and game in 3D with surround sound?

Honestly though, it's not so much about the specs as it is brand of graphics card. NVIDIA has great Linux graphics drivers, and ATI has poor Linux graphics drivers. So good job on getting an nVIDIA graphics card.

Ok, actually I don't know about the 3D thing, especially with Linux, but the point is that you could get away easily with a quarter, if not, a sixth, or even a twelfth that RAM. And your graphics card is a beast. My 6 year old computer with only 1 gig of RAM and half a gig of video RAM went pretty fast with Linux, and Oblivion in Windows was no problem (still working out WINE + Oblivion personally, though others have succeeded).

Remember that you won't be burdening your hardware with Windows. Just as a reminder of how lightweight the Linux kernel is, know that there's actually a distro of Linux, TinyCore, and the whole OS is 10 MB. Another, DSL, only needs 16 MB of RAM and the OS is 50 MB. 

Any extra burden from running WINE is made up for multiple times by replacing Windows with Linux.

WINE does have to translate graphics calls into OpenGL graphics calls (that's all that Linux uses), unless the game is already only using OpenGL. So if a game has the option to use only OpenGL, use it, because you eliminate a step. You won't notice an improvement because your laptop is like 12 desktops put together, but you will emotionally feel better knowing that you made the process more efficient.

Happy Gaming,

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