[Wine] list spam related question

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Fri Sep 23 09:45:37 CDT 2011

On Fri, 2011-09-23 at 07:47 -0500, dimesio wrote:
> Martin Gregorie wrote:
> > BTW, I had a look at the phbb website yesterday and don't understand why
> > everybody thinks it can't connect to a mailing list when it appears that
> > the current version of phpbb has the ability to send posts to an MTA. 
> > 
> So you think it's perfectly fine to let spammers run free on the forum
> so long as the mailing list users are protected from it?  Because your
> suggestion does absolutely nothing to help stop spam on the forum. 
Of course not, but one of the stated reasons for shutting down the
mailing list was that there was no way of putting a spam filter between
phpbb 3.x and the mailing list. I was pointing out that, if I had read
the feature list correctly, mail2forum is not needed with phpbb 3.x
because it can now send mail directly to an MTA and outlining a way of
passing that stream through a spam filter.

On closer inspection of phpbb documentation, it appears that I
misunderstood that section of the feature list. However there are at
least two mailing list bridges being planned: there is an upgrade to
mail2forum (now known as m2f), though I don't know how old or active
that might be since it only mentions phpbb 2.x, and there's talk on the
phpbb site of another project to provide a mailing list bridge to v3.x.
> The version of phpbb currently being used does NOT have the capability
> of forcing moderation on new users, which pretty much everyone
> realizes is the best way to control spam.

>  The current version of phpbb DOES have that capability,
Yes, I saw that too.

>  but the mail2forum gateway does not work with it.
...yet, and there may be another bridge along too.


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