[Wine] I have a very nasty virus on wine...

wacossusca34 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Sep 24 10:06:25 CDT 2011

Like the title says, I have a very nasty virus on wine. I swear I've also encountered this same one (A few months ago) on a seperate vista machine. I Have a virus that does not seem to be doing anything, and stopped working after an 'X' reboot. However, It did try to execute a modified version of winlogo.exe (Windows logon executable),  but we all know you can't log onto a Linux system with Wine.

So ever since it went doormat, The ONLY issue i've been having is with BitTorrent (And that is not much of an issue since I now use a different torrent manager), it just lags a lot, and takes forever to process a single click into the application.

I can run much more complicated applications on wine, such as Spore, a windows game including GLSL rendering, and I'm surprised a game like this runs under a virus without an issue. (It's awesome! :D)

I'm just asking if I should be worried about this. I also want to remove anyways, and is there a way I can protect my wine from malicious software before things like this happen?


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