[Wine] Re: Visual C++ installation Help?

Jkirk3279 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Sep 24 12:07:01 CDT 2011

Uhm, I really doubt this is malware.  I just installed Wine.

And if the error is coming FROM Wine ... I suspect it's that the DOS command line interface in Wine is looking for  C:\windows\system32\run.exe to launch the program but it's not there.

Other DOS commands like DIR work.


fixme:module:__wine_load_dos_exe DOS executables not supported on this platform
winevdm: can't exec 'Z:\Users\Jkirk279\documents\helix\HELIX.EXE': invalid program file"

Okay.    Wine has a cmd shell, but while it looks just like DOS it can't launch executables IN DOS.

Can somebody suggest the proper way to launch my PSDK-FULL.bat "C:\psdktemp" ?

I need to combine the .cab segments.  If the instructions are wrong or outdated, how can I do that in Terminal ?

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