[Wine] Re: Bash Script Shorcuts for Steam Games

SpawnHappyJake wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Sep 24 14:48:33 CDT 2011

Have you at least gotten debugging information about hl2.exe from gdb?

If not,
My method would work if you ran the game in a Window (like how the Portal entry in the AppDB says) or somehow minimized the game after it goes full-screen, or, probablly best, used a virtual desktop.

That way you can get to a terminal and input those last two lines manually while hl2.exe is running. The bug is only when they come from a bash script. It works "live". You could even prepend them with "sudo" instead of dropping to a superuser shell. And that would mean you could remove the "specify user" stuff off the first line, because you'd be logged in as you to begin with.

So you could have two terminals open (or one with 2 tabs). One could be running the steam game, and the other would send the debug info you want into a log file, using gdb.

Or just one terminal/tab. It would get the debugging stuff, and you could just run the game "straight", as from a launcher or something (i.e. without terminal).

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