[Wine] Re: Portable Wine

SpawnHappyJake wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Sep 24 18:49:28 CDT 2011

You could format a thumb drive as ext[x] (or one partition on a thumb drive), and compile WINE from source on your friend's computer on your thumb drive. That way all the needed libraries (open source) will be installed on your friend's computer, and the WINE executable on your thumb drive will work. Just have some prefixes on your thumb drive, and voila! Maybe some bash scripts to run programs off your thumb drive instead of having to type out the path to your wine executable, the Windows exectuable, _and_ the wineprefix _every_single_time. Oh boy. Those bash scripts again. You don't intend on running a debugger, do you?

If anyone knows how to have WINE use libraries at a specified location, that would be super cool input. Then all the libraries could just be on the thumb drive, and WINE uses those. And it would be truly portable.

Also, constantly reading and writing to a thumb drive is hard on the flash cells and will kill your thumb drive. I recommend copying it off the thumb drive to a temporary location on your friend's computer, and then copying it back on when you are done, and delete the temp folder.


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