[Wine] Farmhouse in Provence

Cierlmeyrin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Sep 26 01:09:45 CDT 2011

The Building Painting (http://www.micaroo.com/home-and-garden/wall-art/building-paintings.html) Farmhouse in Provence also known as Entrance Gate to a Farm with Haystacks was made in 1888 by Vincent van Gogh in Arles in Provence at the height of his career. Oil Paintings for sale (http://www.micaroo.com/home-and-garden/wall-art.html) Partially due to having been inspired by painter Adolphe Monticelli, Van Gogh sought the Provence region of France to further expand his painting skill and experience. Famous Paintings (http://www.micaroo.com/home-and-garden/wall-art/famous-paintings.html) Van Gogh used several pairs of complementary colors in the Farmhouse in Provence, the color contrast bringing an intensity to his work. 
Van Gogh used three pairs of complementary, or contrasting, colors which when sat together intensified the brilliance and intensity of one another's colors. Children Paintings (http://www.micaroo.com/home-and-garden/wall-art/children-paintings.html) One pair is orange and blue. There's the red and green of the plants. Last, pink clouds against the turquoise sky. Van Gogh used complementary, contrasting colors to bring an intensity to his work, which evolved over the periods of his work. Flower Paintings (http://www.micaroo.com/home-and-garden/wall-art/flower-painting.html) Two complementary colors of the same degree of vividness and brightness placed next to one another produce an intense reaction, called the "law of simultaneous contrast."

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