[Wine] Re: Wine on non-Unix platforms

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Sep 26 05:43:18 CDT 2011

Currently Qemu userspace operation is that it receives a system call request from a contain Linux application.  Arch convert the request and send it straight on to the native Linux kernel then does the same to the kernel answers.

Basically there is no guest kernel in qemu usermode emulation.  Its the highest level of paravirtualization you can do.  Ie no kernel and no devices emulated.

Now ideal for Wine case is instead of sending it on to Linux kernel but qemu to send it sideways to winelib for the native platform like arm or ppc from the windows x86 application running inside qemu usermode emulation.

Wine could use its own custom syscalls to call for operations processed outside in arm then have data returned to the virtualization.

Standard qemu usermode requires a OS match.

paravirtualization is a class of virtualizations.  Part virtualizations.  Part host.  Qemu usermode is the most extrema form of Paravirtualization since you have done away with drivers and kernel of the OS by directly using the hosts kernel and drivers instead.  So there is no guest kernel.

Most common paravirtualization only does away with a few drivers here and there.

http://wiki.qemu.org/download/qemu-doc.html#QEMU-User-space-emulator  This is the documentation on the usermode emulation SpawnHappyJake.

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