[Wine] How does wine "detect" graphicscard-hardware

PatricF wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Sep 26 14:12:46 CDT 2011


To clarify, when I run World of Warcraft and go into Options to change the graphics settings I get this message on some options: "Unsupported for graphics related reasons".

So I was wondering if wine "detects" the graphics hardware and make some kind of registry entry with that information of some sort? Or how does that work?

Is it possible to change that information so that I can change those settings or maybe it's just that wine can't handle those settings?

I've actually manage to change the settings in the config file and it shows that I use one option on a setting that is greyd out and it works fine..

So is it possible to "trick" wine into thinking it can handle those settings somehow?


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