[Wine] lotro - Isengard patch fails w/ pylotro

tparker tparker at etherstorm.net
Tue Sep 27 09:11:43 CDT 2011

On 09/26/2011 09:59 PM, tparker wrote:
> It looks like pylotro may only be grabbing the .dat files and nothing 
> else. A poster on the Lotro forum post for this issue says they were 
> able to copy the .dll, .exe, etc. over from an updated windows box and 
> everything worked. I am in the process of copying a windows game 
> folder over to my linux box to test that.

Just adding this in case anyone comes looking later:

Pylotro seems to be grabbing one of the three needed 'chunks' of patch 
at a time, and not always seeing there is more. Some people on the Lotro 
forums have been able to continually rerun the patch process, sometimes 
taking many tries, until it manages to find and complete all three 
chunks. Others have patched a windows install and copied the Lotro 
folder from that to overwrite their wine Lotro folder (inside user/drive 
c/program files/turbine).

Even this morning with the servers no longer overloaded (no time outs, 
delays, or drops) I was not able to get the patcher to grab anything 
else, it still insisted it already had everything but the game said I 
was out of date. I was able to copy from windows and have verified that 
as working with no obvious issues in Wine 1.3.28.

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