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TAIYO YUDEN (http://gnn-components.com/Taiyo__Yuden-22-595.aspx)
GNN COMPONENTS CO., LTD (http://gnn-components.com/Taiyo__Yuden-22-595.aspx)
1.	Introduction: 
Since our establishment in 1950, Taiyo Yuden  (http://gnn-components.com/Taiyo__Yuden-22-595.aspx)has been engaged in research, development and production of capacitors, inductors, circuit modules, SAW/FBAR devices and recording media under the philosophy that the process of product commercialization should start with material development. Our extensive range of products demonstrates our world-leading support to development and progress in the information technology and electronics industries. Also, we are proactively pursuing and expanding business activities into energy-related fields as well as strengthening our position in existing applications such as smartphones, PCs and TVs.

2.	Product Lines: 
•	TAIYO YUDEN| Ceramic Capacitors (http://gnn-components.com/Taiyo__Yuden-22-595.aspx)
•	TAIYO YUDEN| Inductors
•	TAIYO YUDEN| Beads (http://gnn-components.com/Taiyo__Yuden-22-595.aspx)
3.	Feature of Products: 
MULTILAYER CHIP INDUCTORS (LK SERIES) (http://gnn-components.com/Taiyo__Yuden-22-595.aspx)
•	Internal printed coil structure creates a closed magnetic circuit which acts as a magnetic shield eliminating crosstalk, thus permitting higher mounting densities.
•	Multilayer block structure yields higher reliability.
•	The smallest ¼H inductors in the world LK1005 series	

MULTILAYER CHIP INDUCTOR FOR HIGH FREQUENCY (HKQ SERIES) (http://gnn-components.com/Taiyo__Yuden-22-595.aspx)
•	Multilayer inductor made of advanced ceramics with low-resistivity silver used as internal conductors provides excellent Q and SRF characteristics.
•	Designed to address surface mount inductor needs for applications above 500MHz.
•	Multilayer block structure ensures outstanding reliability, high productivity and product quality.

COMMON MODE CHOKE COILS (FOR DC AND SIGNAL LINES) SMD TYPE (http://gnn-components.com/Taiyo__Yuden-22-595.aspx)
•	Available in embossed tape and reel.
•	Highly coupled coil construction ideal for common mode noise attenuation.

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