[Wine] Re: Bash Script Shorcuts for Steam Games

SpawnHappyJake wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Sep 28 03:11:24 CDT 2011

Thanks Martin! I loved that war story!

So it looks like Entanglement will have to change strategy, since hl2.exe is not compatible with gdb. Hl2.exe was not compiled in gcc, I'm sure. It is a commercial, non-open source Windows program.

Whenever I search for debugging hl2.exe, Visual Studio comes up. That's probably the debugger that works with hl2.exe.

I got a little excited when I saw this: http://www.tenstones.net/forums/general-chat/3286-hl2-exe-command-line-switches.html, but alas, it is all bogus. At least my attempt of using them didn't pan out. That's probably why it was followed by an expletive comment (not from me).

Entanglement, how did you acquire knowledge of debugging commands for hl2.exe? 

Also, do you have the hl2.exe source code and/or Visual Studio at your disposal?

Would using the WINE debugger help? Or even a plain log from running in WINE in terminal?

I can't help but feel you won't get far without the hl2.exe source code.

I have an ATI graphics card in my computer, and I play Portal 1 (which uses hl2.exe) (just did a couple bonus maps ;) ) in Steam in WINE. And I do have graphics issues when not in an emulated desktop or otherwise windowed mode. The mouse shows in the middle of the reticle, things get flickery and show through other things, especially around the energy bullet shooters, purple flickers come through objects, especially the portal gun when holding it. There's also points where the mouse gets out of sync with the reticle, causing the game to freeze for a while. But when I use the windowed mode specified in the AppDB, that all goes away. Also the community do-dad feature needs to be turned off as specified in the AppDB for Portal, or else the game crashes when the first portal tries to load. Normally I can put up with the glitches for the sake of fullscreen. Does any of this describe your symptoms? Have you tried the windowed mode or the emulated desktop (two different things)?


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