[Wine] Re: Wine on non-Unix platforms

SpawnHappyJake wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Sep 28 18:58:25 CDT 2011

DOSBox is very well suited for playing DOS games. Probably actually better than using DOS. (get to pick processor speed...heck even the processor, and other stuff)

But let's visit the next couple generations of games. Let's say you want true 3DFX graphics card emulation. Meaning a 3DFX graphics card actually shows up in your list of hardware. The Ykwong subversion of DOSBox lets you do that, but there is no MMX, which I know at least Hype the Time Quest needs, and I'm sure lots of others do as well. Also, DOSBox does not emulate an optical drive. So how do you play games that have CD checks? Most kernel-level optical disc emulators for Windows will install into Win98, but not Win95. WinCDEmu is open source, and I wonder if it can be compiled for Win95. They say WinCDEmu can be compiled for Win 2000.

So Kekko's 3DFX emulation for DOSBox is great for DOS games that use 3DFX. And now that you are saying that you got Win98(A) running smoothly in DOSBox, there is hope for later games. And a cd emulator can be installed. And my joystick drivers can be installed (only go back to Win98, not Win95).

It's just too bad that Kekko's 3DFX emulator isn't implemented in VirtualBox or QEMU. Zeckensack's wrapper disagrees with VirtualBox. And a kernel-level 3DFX emulator would be super-sweet.

Old game incompatibility is like a submarine sandwich. DOSBox is nibbling at one end, and WINE is nibbling at the other.


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