[Wine] Wine and WoW Cataclysm Patch 4.0 troubleshooting thread

MacNean Tyrrell dardack at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 12:36:51 CDT 2011

On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 9:21 AM, JontomXire <wineforum-user at winehq.org> wrote:
> That's what I'm going to do, after purging all the current nvidia stuff frommy system.
> The second thing I'm going to do is download, build and install the latest decent version of Wine.
> Thanks for all your advice. It's been really helpful.
> ---------

Yea totally get new wine/new drivers.

> One more question. What with OpenGL support getting dropped from WoW, I was wondering if it was worth trying to use DirectX under Wine. I found a post where this guy actually installed the real thing under Wine and said his game ran fine.

AFAIK, WoW is not dropping OpenGL support.  That'd be almost as bad as
dropping DX9 support.  1. It only runs on Mac because of OpenGL (now
SC2 they actually have 2 separate engines, whereas WoW is same engine,
IIRC).  2. DX9 is still the most widely used.  3. Unless they
completely revamp the engine, it's not going to drop OpenGL, I can see
their next MMO Titan not having OpenGL for windows, but not dropping
it for WoW makes no sense, especially sense I don't see them
recreating the #1 mmo engine.

> My understanding is that on Windows DirectX is better than OpenGL because it talks more directly to the drivers than OpenGL. So if I install the real deal, will I still get that directness and speed? Or is it still going to translate to OpenGL?

No don't install real deal, you can actually mess up your wineprefix
if you do.  You can however, get the dx dll's with winetricks.  IIRC
this requires you to own a windows license to use those DLL's.  But
yea bad to install dx directly, unless absolutely necessary (I believe
steam tends to install some version of dx9 for the games it runs, but
can't be 100% possitive).

> I'm wondering what the effect on the graphics of having everything set to minimum is going to be. I read here that some WoW spell effects won't show up - if they are important ones like Boss AoE in a raid then that could wipe a raid if they aren't visible and I or my wife die as a result. I'm MT for my guild, but my wife mostly plays on that PC and she's mostly OT healer, although sometimes she heals me.

OK for raiding this is what you can set to low:

Texture Resolution: Low
Shadow Quality: Low (limited by opengl/dx9 anyways)
Liquad Detail: Low (limited by opengl/dx9 anyways)
Sunshafts Disabled (limited by opengl/dx9 anyways)
Environmental Detail: Low
Ground Clutter; Low
View Distance: Low (althought I like at least fair even in raids myself)

OK next you MUST have Projected Textures enabled to raid properly.
Particle Density MUST at least be fair, if not Good to see all the
spells the boss casts.

> It'll also be a bit poor if the graphics are really shoddy. My PC is brand new self built, same motherboard, CPU, and RAM, but two much newer SLI enabled graphics cards and I have all the graphics set to max and it is so much cooler than I used to get on my old laptop before it died. I don't want to subject my wife to terrible graphics.

Wait were you the one with the 7k series nvidia?  Cuase I hope not,
the 7k is pretty old, at least have 8800 or something even in the
300/400 range.

> Lastly I'm worried that in a few months, Blizz will drop OpenGL support altogether and we'll no longer be able to play like that.
Don't as explained above.

> So maybe it's worth trying to get DirectX support working reliably now?
It does already, to test wine 1.3.28 I played like 3 weeks in dx9
only, just to see how far it's come.  Very.
> What do you all think?

Lastly, I've quit WoW after almost 7 years, sub ends 10/5/11.  So I'll
still try to help anyone in WoW with Wine as always, just might be a
bit dated I guess.  GL to you.



MacNean C. Tyrrell

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