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FCI (http://gnn-components.com/FCI_Connect_Company-22-475.aspx)
GNN COMPONENTS CO., LTD (http://gnn-components.com/FCI_Connect_Company-22-475.aspx)
1.	Introduction:
FCI (http://gnn-components.com/FCI_Connect_Company-22-475.aspx) is a leading connector manufacturer in the world. They are a leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of innovative and high-quality electrical and electronic interconnect systems for a wide range of consumer and industrial applications. FCI´s interconnects include connectors for audio/video, cardedge, backplane, D-Sub, headers, I/O, IC, component, rectangular, power, SMT, FFC/FPC, telecom, Ethernet, terminals, USB, and Firewire connectors, tools for crimping, striping, cutting, and drilling, as well as cable ties and cable heat shrink tubing and sleeves. 

2.	Product line:
FCI | Mounting Hardware (8) (http://gnn-components.com/FCI_Connect_Company-22-475.aspx)
FCI | Plastic Hardware (2)
FCI | Automotive Connector Accessories (39) (http://gnn-components.com/FCI_Connect_Company-22-475.aspx)
FCI | Automotive Connectors (2069)
FCI | Board to Board / Mezzanine Connectors (7753) (http://gnn-components.com/FCI_Connect_Company-22-475.aspx)
FCI | D-Subminiature Connectors (2133)
FCI | DDR3 / DDR2 / DDR Connectors (99) (http://gnn-components.com/FCI_Connect_Company-22-475.aspx)
FCI | DIN 41612 Connectors (577)
FCI | DIN Rail Terminal Blocks (2) (http://gnn-components.com/FCI_Connect_Company-22-475.aspx)
FCI | FFC / FPC Connectors (1989)

3.	Featured of products :
FCI High Power Card Edge Connectors (http://gnn-components.com/FCI_Connect_Company-22-475.aspx)
FCI´s High Power Card Edge (HPCE™) Connector is the next generation power card edge connector that satisfies the demands of applications requiring high linear current density and low power loss. The HPCE connector offers a low profile height (2.8 mm for straddle mount; 7.50 mm for right angle) and is based on FCI's cost effective and highly reliable stamped-and-formed power contact technology. Rated to 9A per power contact beam (with multiple power contacts fully energized) without exceeding a 30ºC temperature rise in still air. 
Micro-USB Connectors (http://gnn-components.com/FCI_Connect_Company-22-475.aspx)
The FCI Micro-USB Connector is the must-have tool in a multimedia device market. Extremely small in size, these high reliability connectors comply with physical, electrical and environmental requirements of Micro-USB standard (USB 2.0) and offer other significant features and benefits, including receptacle and plug styles and high durability. FCI Micro-USB Connector receptacles  and plugs are available in a wide variety of mounting and termination configurations for use in various applications. FCI's IO-Connections portfolio provides customers access to a wide range of industry-standard and application-specific I/Ointerconnect solutions.
FCI MINITEK 127 1.27mm Connectors (http://gnn-components.com/FCI_Connect_Company-22-475.aspx)
The FCI MINITEK 127™ 1.27mm Connector System contains an extensive modular range of connectors for all types of wire to board and cable to board applications. It includes straight and right angle, surface mount and through mount, different plating variations, and pin counts up to 100 positions. The FCI MINITEK 127™ 1.27mm Connector System is not a proprietary system and is therefore intermateable with other common designs. Housed in high-temperature, black thermoplastic.

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