[Wine] winhttp proxy doesn't work

Jiri Humpolicek Jiri.Humpolicek at seznam.cz
Fri Sep 30 04:27:35 CDT 2011

      I am using wine behind http proxy. "Normal" applications which uses internet proxy settings from registry works OK, but applications (written in .net) uses WinHttp proxy and I guess that even if this proxy is configured by proxycfg.exe (proxycfg.exe -u ) http connections go still direct (I watched that in Wireshark). Maybe there is some problem in WinHttpDetectAutoProxyConfigUrl which is called from my .net code.
      When I run my application in wine where is direct connection to web, everything works fine as well as both variant work under Windows.

      Does anybody have any idea what is wrong?

      Thanks, Jiri Humpolicek

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