[Wine] 1.5.1 fixes graphical glitches on ATI machines on Mac!!!!!

paulthetall wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Apr 7 15:43:37 CDT 2012

Good news, Mathew wilson notified that in 1.5.1 the graphical glitches are Gone on his Imac with AMD radeon graphicscard with the Game Tombraider Underground, but had instead 1fps with the game, stuttering. So hey I thought lets try the other same glitchy games for AMD Radeon on the Mac like Assasins Creed...I was stunned...here too it was fixed!! (This somehow confirms that its also a wine thing which caused it.) However the same 1fps was on this game too! So at first...amazing work!! Now only that 1fps thingy has te get fixed.

What do you guys need to look into it? The bugs I created were closed with reason, that wine couldnt do a thing about it....

File a new bug? let me know.

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