[Wine] Compiling 32-bit Wine on 64-bit Debian system

mike3 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Apr 15 17:38:12 CDT 2012


I was thinking of trying that out, and I saw this:


If I'm getting this right, that means that in order to do this, I'll need to download and compile GCC and glibc and so on from source for 32-bit, and then download and compile every library that Wine depends on from source for 32 bit, and all those libraries' dependences, and all their dependencies, and so on and so forth running up to potentially hundreds of libraries from source for 32-bit! Is that right? As that seems like a tremendous task. We could be talking literally hundreds of packages -- essentially compiling a complete Debian system right up next to the one I've got. Or am I missing something here? I also notice my Debian has a "lib32" folder with some stuff in it.

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