[Wine] Kickstarter

rkfg wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Apr 20 05:15:17 CDT 2012

Kickstarter has proven its efficiency, many games and other programs were sponsored and created because of crowd funding. So, why not to use it for Wine? There are some major missing and complex features like D3D10/11 support and there are games like Battlefield 3 that only support DX10. Implementing these libraries would allow running other new games as well.

I propose hiring fulltime developers for money using kickstarter for that. It just needs some planning and then everyone wins: devs get money, linux gamers get newest games for quite a small price and others get free code for free. And if you won't collect enough pledges in time no one would be even charged.

You can create separate projects for these major features describing how it will improve Wine. Then all you need is publicity and I bet twitter, facebook and various blogs will be of help. This is much better than donations you have now. People would more likely pay for specific features they need than just send money not even knowing what are they used for. And this is also better than funding a brand new game (even native Linux game) because after devs have implemented the feature(s) you can run a bunch of already existing nice games!

Give it a try. It may rise Wine to a new level of quality.

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