[Wine] Re: how do you stop an instance (prefix)?

xyz32 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Apr 24 07:48:43 CDT 2012

As the name of the project states: "Wine Is Not an Emulator" nor is it a virtual machine.

Every time you start an application inside wine the linux kernel is the one that is managing it, therefore simply open your task manager and see if there is any process that has in its command line the wine prefix you are looking for and terminate it.

If you use KDE: CTRL+ESC opens the task manager and then type in the search box "wine" and see what you get.

If you prefer command line: 
 $>ps -ef | grep wine

you can replace "wine" with "wineinstance3" in the above line and get all the processes that run under that prefix.

use "kill" and PID to terminate them.


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