[Wine] [Debian Squeeze] Some games wont start from Gnome menu

Marcos Schnalke Trigger_M4i1 at lavabit.com
Fri Dec 21 15:07:16 CST 2012

Good evening everyone,

Excuse me to ask you guys, however, some games like "Age of Empires 2",
"Pro Evolution Soccer 6" and "Soldat" wont start when trying to run
these from the Gnome menu.
So I wonder if anyone know a solution to this problem.

As example, I created a symlink under "Applications -> Games -> Pro
Evolution Soccer 6" using following parameters, which doesn't work
env WINEPREFIX="/home/ME/.wine-PES" wine C:\\Program\ Files\\KONAMI\\Pro
\ Evolution\ Soccer\ 6\\PES6.exe 

Same with AoE2 and Soldat, as mentioned earlier.
Dunno what to do, could need some help.

Thank you guys!

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