[Wine] Re: D2GS on Wine

htorbov wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Feb 1 11:50:01 CST 2012

Yep.. but my Diablo II is running perfectly from the VNC Viewer, I just can't run D2GS.exe (the server)..

Now I moved the Diablo folder to Program Files but I get the same errors:

root at 87:~# cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Diablo
root at 87:~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Diablo# wine D2GS.exe 
err:dbghelp:pe_load_dbg_file -Unable to peruse .DBG file "COMCTL32.dbg" ("")
err:dbghelp:pe_load_dbg_file -Unable to peruse .DBG file "COMCTL32.dbg" ("")
wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x0443c87c at address 0x6ff559e6 (thread 001a), starting debugger...
Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x0443cbf8 in 32-bit code (0x6ff5824c).
Register dump:
 CS:0023 SS:002b DS:002b ES:002b FS:0063 GS:006b
 EIP:6ff5824c ESP:7db79894 EBP:0443c000 EFLAGS:00010202(   - 00      - -RI1)
 EAX:00000000 EBX:00000000 ECX:00000000 EDX:00000000
 ESI:6ff58200 EDI:00000000
Stack dump:
0x7db79894:  030fe770 6ff58200 7db799f8 7bc89444
0x7db798a4:  01fb1000 00001267 00000000 7db7a2d0
0x7db798b4:  7bc45b10 00000000 7bc89444 0012b788
0x7db798c4:  7bca3fbc 7db799b8 4346fc37 00000000
0x7db798d4:  00000000 7db798f4 7bc64c27 00000004
0x7db798e4:  7db798f4 00000000 00000518 00000000
=>1 0x6ff5824c in fog (+0x824c) (0x0443c000)
  2 0x00000000 (0x00000000)
0x6ff5824c: cmpl	%edi,0xbf8(%ebp,%ebx,4)
Module	Address			Debug info	Name (119 modules)
PE	  400000-  634000	Deferred        d2gs
PE	  750000-  857000	Deferred        d2cmp
PE	 12f0000- 1417000	Deferred        d2game
PE	 1fb0000- 1fd6000	Deferred        plugy
PE	60000000-6002e000	Deferred        ijl11
PE	68000000-68017000	Deferred        d2server
PE	6f8a0000-6f970000	Deferred        d2win
PE	6f980000-6f996000	Deferred        d2sound
PE	6f9f0000-6fa05000	Deferred        d2mcpclient
PE	6fa70000-6fa91000	Deferred        d2gfx
PE	6faa0000-6fbd3000	Deferred        d2client
PE	6fc00000-6fc0d000	Deferred        d2net
PE	6fc10000-6fc25000	Deferred        d2lang
PE	6fd40000-6fdf4000	Deferred        d2common
PE	6ff50000-6ffa6000	Export          fog
PE	6ffb0000-6fff5000	Deferred        storm
PE	71590000-71617000	Deferred        comctl32
PE	76080000-760e1000	Deferred        msvcp60
ELF	7b800000-7b939000	Deferred        kernel32<elf>
  \-PE	7b820000-7b939000	\               kernel32
ELF	7bc00000-7bca5000	Deferred        ntdll<elf>
  \-PE	7bc10000-7bca5000	\               ntdll
ELF	7bf00000-7bf03000	Deferred        <wine-loader>
ELF	7dd9d000-7ddb2000	Deferred        psapi<elf>
  \-PE	7dda0000-7ddb2000	\               psapi
ELF	7ddb2000-7ddfc000	Deferred        dbghelp<elf>
  \-PE	7ddc0000-7ddfc000	\               dbghelp
ELF	7ddfc000-7de13000	Deferred        imagehlp<elf>
  \-PE	7de00000-7de13000	\               imagehlp
ELF	7df24000-7df39000	Deferred        midimap<elf>
  \-PE	7df30000-7df39000	\               midimap
ELF	7df39000-7df61000	Deferred        msacm32<elf>
  \-PE	7df40000-7df61000	\               msacm32
ELF	7df61000-7df78000	Deferred        msacm32<elf>
  \-PE	7df70000-7df78000	\               msacm32
ELF	7df78000-7e00b000	Deferred        winmm<elf>
  \-PE	7df80000-7e00b000	\               winmm
ELF	7e00b000-7e055000	Deferred        dsound<elf>
  \-PE	7e010000-7e055000	\               dsound
ELF	7e277000-7e290000	Deferred        wsock32<elf>
  \-PE	7e280000-7e290000	\               wsock32
ELF	7e2b4000-7e316000	Deferred        rpcrt4<elf>
  \-PE	7e2c0000-7e316000	\               rpcrt4
ELF	7e316000-7e3b9000	Deferred        ole32<elf>
  \-PE	7e320000-7e3b9000	\               ole32
ELF	7e3e1000-7e3ea000	Deferred        librt.so.1
ELF	7e3ea000-7e424000	Deferred        libdbus-1.so.3
ELF	7e424000-7e428000	Deferred        libgpg-error.so.0
ELF	7e428000-7e438000	Deferred        libtasn1.so.3
ELF	7e438000-7e43b000	Deferred        libkeyutils.so.1
ELF	7e43b000-7e442000	Deferred        libkrb5support.so.0
ELF	7e442000-7e452000	Deferred        libavahi-client.so.3
ELF	7e452000-7e4c6000	Deferred        libgcrypt.so.11
ELF	7e4c6000-7e55e000	Deferred        libgnutls.so.26
ELF	7e55e000-7e581000	Deferred        libk5crypto.so.3
ELF	7e581000-7e633000	Deferred        libkrb5.so.3
ELF	7e633000-7e662000	Deferred        libgssapi_krb5.so.2
ELF	7e662000-7e6ad000	Deferred        libcups.so.2
ELF	7e6bf000-7e6c4000	Deferred        libxfixes.so.3
ELF	7e6c4000-7e6cd000	Deferred        libxcursor.so.1
ELF	7e6cd000-7e6d4000	Deferred        libxrandr.so.2
ELF	7e6d4000-7e6dd000	Deferred        libxrender.so.1
ELF	7e6dd000-7e6fd000	Deferred        imm32<elf>
  \-PE	7e6e0000-7e6fd000	\               imm32
ELF	7e6fd000-7e702000	Deferred        libxdmcp.so.6
ELF	7e702000-7e71b000	Deferred        libxcb.so.1
ELF	7e71b000-7e838000	Deferred        libx11.so.6
ELF	7e838000-7e847000	Deferred        libxext.so.6
ELF	7e847000-7e84c000	Deferred        libxxf86vm.so.1
ELF	7e84c000-7e863000	Deferred        libice.so.6
ELF	7e864000-7e870000	Deferred        libavahi-common.so.3
ELF	7e870000-7e873000	Deferred        libcom_err.so.2
ELF	7e875000-7e90d000	Deferred        winex11<elf>
  \-PE	7e880000-7e90d000	\               winex11
ELF	7e90d000-7e933000	Deferred        libexpat.so.1
ELF	7e933000-7e962000	Deferred        libfontconfig.so.1
ELF	7e963000-7e966000	Deferred        libxinerama.so.1
ELF	7e974000-7e988000	Deferred        libz.so.1
ELF	7e988000-7ea00000	Deferred        libfreetype.so.6
ELF	7ea00000-7ea14000	Deferred        lz32<elf>
  \-PE	7ea10000-7ea14000	\               lz32
ELF	7ea14000-7ea2d000	Deferred        version<elf>
  \-PE	7ea20000-7ea2d000	\               version
ELF	7ea2d000-7ea86000	Deferred        shlwapi<elf>
  \-PE	7ea40000-7ea86000	\               shlwapi
ELF	7ea86000-7eb98000	Deferred        shell32<elf>
  \-PE	7eaa0000-7eb98000	\               shell32
ELF	7eb98000-7ebce000	Deferred        winspool<elf>
  \-PE	7eba0000-7ebce000	\               winspool
ELF	7ebce000-7ec7a000	Deferred        comdlg32<elf>
  \-PE	7ebe0000-7ec7a000	\               comdlg32
ELF	7ec7a000-7ec93000	Deferred        crtdll<elf>
  \-PE	7ec80000-7ec93000	\               crtdll
ELF	7ec93000-7ecfd000	Deferred        msvcrt<elf>
  \-PE	7eca0000-7ecfd000	\               msvcrt
ELF	7ecfd000-7ed11000	Deferred        libresolv.so.2
ELF	7ed11000-7ed2f000	Deferred        iphlpapi<elf>
  \-PE	7ed20000-7ed2f000	\               iphlpapi
ELF	7ed2f000-7ed5a000	Deferred        ws2_32<elf>
  \-PE	7ed40000-7ed5a000	\               ws2_32
ELF	7ed5a000-7edab000	Deferred        advapi32<elf>
  \-PE	7ed70000-7edab000	\               advapi32
ELF	7edab000-7ee49000	Deferred        gdi32<elf>
  \-PE	7edc0000-7ee49000	\               gdi32
ELF	7ee49000-7ef93000	Deferred        user32<elf>
  \-PE	7ee60000-7ef93000	\               user32
ELF	7ef93000-7ef9f000	Deferred        libnss_files.so.2
ELF	7ef9f000-7efa9000	Deferred        libnss_nis.so.2
ELF	7efa9000-7efc0000	Deferred        libnsl.so.1
ELF	7efc0000-7efc8000	Deferred        libnss_compat.so.2
ELF	7efc8000-7efee000	Deferred        libm.so.6
ELF	7efef000-7eff2000	Deferred        libxau.so.6
ELF	7eff2000-7effa000	Deferred        libsm.so.6
ELF	f7d00000-f7d04000	Deferred        libuuid.so.1
ELF	f7d05000-f7d09000	Deferred        libdl.so.2
ELF	f7d09000-f7e50000	Deferred        libc.so.6
ELF	f7e51000-f7e6a000	Deferred        libpthread.so.0
ELF	f7e6a000-f7fa0000	Deferred        libwine.so.1
ELF	f7fb4000-f7fd2000	Deferred        ld-linux.so.2
process  tid      prio (all id:s are in hex)
00000008 (D) C:\Program Files\Diablo\D2GS.exe
	00000024    0
	00000023    0
	00000022    0
	00000021    0
	00000020    0
	0000001f    0
	0000001e    0 <==
	0000001d    1
	0000001c    0
	0000001b    0
	0000001a    0
	00000019    0
	00000009    0
	00000016    0
	00000013    0
	00000012    0
	0000000e    0
	0000000d    0
	00000014    0
	00000011    0
	00000010    0
	00000018    0
=>1 0x6ff5824c in fog (+0x824c) (0x0443c000)
  2 0x00000000 (0x00000000)
root at 87:~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Diablo#

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