[Wine] Re: Anyone successful with Quicken 2012?

abarrow wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Feb 5 12:46:04 CST 2012

I used the instructions from Quicken 11 and some of the comments from here, installed on a clean wineprefix. One of the issues I was finding was with crashes due to Quicken calling IE7 or IE8, which both seem pretty unstable. I found that I could uninstall IE after Quicken was installed, and whenever Quicken felt that it needed to call a browser for something, my Linux browser would open to the right page. Still looking to see what other impacts that might have on Quicken operation.

I've had a couple of crashes but nothing that I can successfully repeat. I have been successful in setting up and entire home financial account, with online updating and stock updates.

Mint 12
Wine 1.3.37

Graphics set to emulate virtual desktop with "Allow window manager to control desktop" checked OFF. Screen rez @104.

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